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Ridges Landlab

The Ridges Landlab is a topographically and biologically diverse natural area for instruction and research in field biology, environmental geography, and ecosystem ecology. Currently, a tall-grass prairie restoration project is underway around Radar Hill to increase biodiversity of rare species once native to this area. Classes from the Departments of Biological Sciences, Environmental and Plant Biology, and Geography may use the landlab as long as they are engaged in observational (as opposed to manipulative) class exercises. Classes of over 16 students must remain on the roads and paths at all times.

Management decisions for the landlab are made by a team of three faculty members, one each from the Department of Biological Sciences, Department of Environmental and Plant Biology, and Department of Geography. All management and access requests, regardless of origin, are to be directed to the Ridges Landlab Coordinator, College of Arts and Sciences.

List of the Land Lab's Flora (over 500 species)