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West State Street Research Site

The Environmental and Plant Biology Research Site on West State Street is maintained and administered by the Department of Environmental and Plant Biology in order to provide the following services to the Ohio University community:

  1. the teaching, research and practice of alternative methods of agriculture, that is, methods which do not use highly soluble chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides;
  2. an agricultural area for the teaching and research of certain aspects of other courses and disciplines such as plants and soil, plant pathology, plants and people, mycology, medicinal botany and agroecology;
  3. an area to expand the function of the greenhouse when space is limited, e.g., as a nursery area for plants needed for teaching and research;
  4. research plots for plant biology undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty who are conducting research where considerable space is needed and/or where considerable manipulation of the environment is required;
  5. an area for the teaching, research, and practice of techniques used in the conservation and restoration of some of Ohio's natural habitats such as mesic prairie and wetland;
  6. an area where Ohio University students are able to gain experience and instruction in gardening under the auspices of the Department of Environmental and Plant Biology; and
  7. a site for outreach projects, workshops and expositions which are campus supported and which involve agriculture or some other earth-centered activity.

Currently the Ohio University Garden Club, which is advised by Environmental and Plant Biology faculty, practices organic gardening at the site. Hands on, biointensive, biodynamic and permaculture methods have been used in two courses: Biointensive Agriculture and Introduction to Alternative Agriculture.

Information about space for research projects at the site may be obtained from the Environmental and Plant Biology Garden/Research Site Committee by email at plantbio@ohio.edu