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Undergraduate Programs

Four-year Plans (on Semesters)

     Environmental and Plant Biology (BS 2120)

     Field Ecology (BA 2119)

     Applied Plant Biology (BA 2110)

     Honors Tutorial College (B.S. in PBIO)

Internships (PBIO 4910)
The PBIO Department has arranged a diverse program of summer internships, especially designed to give juniors with advanced plant biology background a comprehensive experience in an area related to their career goals. Internships have been designed specifically for OU plant biology majors, at institutions throughout Ohio and across the United States. For information on the internship program generally (including how to apply), and specifics concerning available summer 2013 internships, go to this webpage.

Global Studies
Under this umbrella program, the PBIO Department hosts a number of field courses outside of Ohio each year. Some courses are offered yearly during the spring break to domestic locations, whereas others are offered intermittently to other domestic destinations or international sites around the world. For complete information on domestic or international field courses, go to this webpage.

Environmental and Plant Biology Minors

Environmental Studies Certificate

Departmental Honors

Why be a plant biology major?

What can you do with a plant sciences degree?

Undergraduate Research

Our department actively encourages undergraduate research and scholarly activity. Each PBIO major is required to complete at least one quarter of research (PBIO 4940). There are numerous faculty who are willing to sponsor undergraduate research, and there are also financial resources to support your work.

Provost's Undergraduate Research Fund