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PBIO 4910 Internship Proposal Process

The first step in arranging internship credit under PBIO 4910 is for the student to prepare a brief proposal (generally 1-2 pages) explaining where the internship will take place, who the student's immediate supervisor will be, what activities the student will participate in during the internship, what he/she hopes to learn from the experience, and how the internship relates to his/her career goals. The proposal must also include a list of the Plant Biology courses that the student has taken and the grade received in each. The proposal should be submitted to the Department Internship Coordinator (currently Dr. Arthur Trese). The Curriculum Committee will review the proposal and decide whether the internship is appropriate.

A student proposing an internship will also need to locate a faculty mentor for the internship. The role of the faculty mentor is to discuss the student's learning objectives with her/him in advance and, optionally (if either the student or mentor requests it), meet with the student periodically during the internship to discuss his/her experience and any problems he/she might be having. The faculty mentor will also assign a grade at the end of the internship. The grade (pass or fail) will be based on: 1) an evaluation of the student's performance provided by the internship supervisor, and 2) a short written report that the student will write about the internship, summarizing her/his responsibilities and what was learned from the experience.

Students may register for as many as 10 credits of internship. In general, students will receive 1 credit for every 40 hours of work as an intern. For example, a student who worked 12 hours per week for 10 weeks would receive 3 credits.